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Ricta Clouds Softer Wheel Upgrade

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This upgrade is applicable to the SkateXS beginner Complete.


Ricta Clouds are universally recognized as simply the softest high performance skateboard wheel available. 

We recommend considering the Clouds when a skater will spend the majority of their time skating particularly rough surfaces.

These Ricta Clouds are 54mm 78a Durometer Wheels. 

A typically skateboard wheel designed for the smooth surfaces of a skatepark has a hardness rating of around 100a on a wheel durometer scale. Those would be considered hard wheels. The SkateXS Pro and Advanced boards ship with hard wheels in that harder durometer range. 

The SkateXS beginner complete uses a slightly softer wheel at 90a durometer. That is considered a hybrid hardness and is the sweet spot for most skaters who may spend time on a wide variety of surfaces including streets, driveways, sidewalks as well as skateparks. 

The Ricta Clouds are the softest wheels we have with a 78a durometer. This allows for the smoothest possible ride on rougher surfaces, but may ride a bit slow on a very smooth surface, like the surface at a skatepark.  

The following options have been made available:

  • Replace SkateXS Beginner Wheels with Ricta Clouds
    • This option only applies when buying a new SkateXS Beginner Complete! Instead of installing the SkateXS wheels you indicated when selecting the beginner board, we will actually build and ship the beginner board with the Ricta Clouds. 
  • Install Ricta Clouds AND Send Original Wheels as Spares
    • We will build your selected skateboard with the Ricta Clouds installed and include the wheels that would have come on your board separately.  This way your skaters can start out with this super soft Ricta wheel but have the option to install the original harder wheel in the future, for instance in order to have more speed when visiting a skateboard park. 
  • Install SkateXS Wheels AND Send Ricta Clouds
    • Here we will build your complete Skateboard exactly as you originally specified and we will simply include the Ricta's in the package. You could then choose to install the Clouds at a later time whenever rougher surfaces will be the more likely skating surface.