Why Boys & Girls Love SkateXS Kids Skateboards

  • Girl flying on skateboard getting air - SkateXS Skateboards for Kids

    Skateboards made for Kids

    All SkateXS Skateboards are sized specifically for kids. High quality and proper sizing means real skateboards that are both safer and easier for kids to skate and progress.

  • Young boy standing with SkateXS Dragon Kids Skateboard

    Assembled and Ready to Skate

    Each board is professionally assembled in California and shipped out the same or next business day. They arrive 100% ready to skate at the skatepark or neighborhood right out of the box.

  • 2 young girls with Skateboards. Showing SkateXS Unicorn Skateboard and Colorful Wheels

    Personalized and Unique

    Select a board design below and then choose griptape and wheel colors matching your skater's style. We can even personalize the board with your skater's name with no delay.

Beginner Skateboards for Kids

Our most popular and most affordable boards. Great for kids skateboarding the rougher surfaces of neighborhood streets, driveways, sidewalks, and also fully capable at the skatepark.

Softer SkateXS Wheels & Bushings for a Smoother Ride

Advanced Skateboards for Kids

For a slightly more experienced skater, harder wheels will roll a bit faster at the skatepark.

Bones Wheels, Mini-Logo Bearings, Thunder Trucks

Pro Skateboards for Kids

Our top of the line Pro Series Kids Skateboards are contest ready boards featuring the top name brand components in the industry. Optimized for the Skatepark skater.

Spitfire Wheels, Bones Bearings & Bushings, Thunder Trucks

Limited Edition Reissue

A Blast from the Past, the original SkateXS Skate Team Favorite Clown is back as a limited time reissue, hop on board if you dare!

The Return of the SkateXS Clown!

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