SkateXS Longboard for Kids

Ships on Tuesday, January 21st

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Product Description

  • CLASSIC DROP THROUGH LONGBOARD FOR KIDS: Classic drop through longboard style with reverse kingpin setup keeps skaters closer to the ground with a lower center of gravity giving them more stability and control.
  • SMALLER SIZED LONGBOARD SKATEBOARD FOR KIDS: Kids can learn to skate safer and are able to advance their skills quicker on properly sized skateboards. SkateXS Longboards for kids are sized smaller specifically for kids ages 5-12 to provide them a safer and more maneuverable ride
  • HIGH PERFORMANCE HIGH QUALITY BAMBOO LONGBOARD DECK: High performance Bamboo longboard deck that is eco-friendly, has just the right flex, and combines light weight with exceptional durability.
  • PERFORMANCE LONGBOARD WHEELS, TRUCKS AND BEARINGS: Performance wheels from Bamboo Skateboards, high speed precision abec 7 bearings, and high quality longboard trucks provide a super smooth ride perfect for beginners through advanced riders.
  • PERFECT FOR BEGINNERS AND ADVANCED LONGBOARDERS: Kids longboards are the perfect way for kids to learn to skate because they have more stability. Advanced skaters also love SkateXS longboards to cruise the beach or bomb hills.

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