Olympic bound! SkateXS Alum Gavin Bottger joins Team USA

Amazing news to share! Skateboarding phenom Gavin Bottger, one of our raddest SkateXS team rippers of all time, has just been selected for the US Skateboarding Olympic team! At just 17, Gavin is absolutely killing it on the global stage. 

We first met Gavin early in his skateboarding journey as young 7 year old grom. It was clear from the start that he had something special. When Gavin dropped in for a run, it looked like his board was electric, where was the speed coming from! He would just whip through corners, somehow finding just the right line, launching higher, twisting faster, and landing cleaner than one could imagine was possible.     

He's been setting the skate scene ablaze through the years. His accolades include multiple X-Games medals, a Dew Tour Gold, and taking 1st at the 2023 World Championships in Rome. He was a featured member of Camp Woodward Season 11 TV Series. His current sponsors include Red Bull, Converse, Real, Bones Bearings and Spitfire Wheels. 

We hope Gavin’s story is an absolute inspiration to all the young skaters out there. With the right attitude and a whole lot of practice, who knows how far you can go? 

As Gavin gears up to represent the USA in the Olympics, join all of us here in sending him all our good vibes and cheers. We know he’s going to crush it out there! The entire SkateXS crew will be watching and rooting for him every step of the way.

So here’s to Gavin Bottger, a true SkateXS legend! May his journey inspire every young skater to dream big and skate even bigger. Way to go Gavo! 

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