The new Dragon Design Kids Skateboard!

June 14, 2021

There be Dragons! SkateXS is thrilled to officially announce the Dragon Skateboard, the latest release in our Artist Series of high performance kids skateboard decks. The Dragon is available immediately in all 3 SkateXS sizes for kids age 5-12. Artwork by the talented and delightful Fian Arroyo.  

SkateXS Dragon Kids Skateboard Art by Fian Arroyo

Fian managed to create this dynamic scene featuring an iconic horned Dragon just exuding his cool and mischievously confident demeanor. His consort and sidekick the everpresent bat perches on his horns just under the medieval SkateXS scroll. The unfortunate knight has been liberated of his scooter and appears to be done for!

Perhaps the Dragon represents the confidence a young skater requires to take on new challenges and obstacles. The knight representing that reasonable fear of progressing, in this case, without handlebars. As the bat will tell you, the Dragon has got this! 

Dragon Skateboard Close Up Bat and Knight

We've been fans of Fian Arroyo's art for many years. His skateboard artwork has graced the boards of pros from the legendary Danny Way to next generation superstars like Yuro Nagahara. He is well recognized in the Fantasy Art genre as well as Children's book illustrations, toys and game art. 

Everything came together very smoothly and this illustration was born faster than I thought due to the total fun I had making it come to life. I'm very happy to have this work as part of the SkateXS Artist Series.  - FIAN 

 The Dragon Skateboard is available as a SkateXS Beginner Complete, the SkateXS Advanced Complete, the SkateXS Pro Complete or as a Deck Only

To learn more about Fian and his art and projects please visit his home on the web at

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