How to choose the best kids skateboard for your child!

October 30, 2021

Hey, that is pretty cool!  You’ve decided to go ahead and get your son or daughter that skateboard they’ve been asking for! Youth skateboarding is definitely on the rise and for good reason. It may be the funnest way to get outdoor exercise, work on balance and agility while gaining self confidence and resilience. It can especially fun to skate with friends, but it is also a great option to have just on their own.  

Many parents just aren’t sure what to look for in that beginner skateboard. We can help, at SkateXS all we do is build the best possible skateboards for kids. Let’s take a look at the choices and options we have and hopefully we can help you make the best choice for your kids. 

Skateboard Sizes for Kids 

Most high quality skateboards are designed in sizes for teens and adults. It definitely takes work to find proportionally smaller sized skateboards for younger kids. Smaller boards allow your skater to actually maneuver their board. A smaller width allows the feet actually benefit from the contour of the deck, a shorter length allows for proper foot placement and the opportunity for the front foot to actually engage with the kick of the board for everything from kick turns to ollies to more advanced tricks. SkateXS recommends a 7”x28” for kids age 5-7, a 7”x29 for 8-10 and a 7.4” x 30 for 11-12. If your child is big for their age or on the edge between sizes we usually bump up. 

Skateboard Quality for Kids

We’ve always believed that kids that are interested enough to try skateboarding should have a real, high quality skateboard to start with. Essentially all new skaters deserve a skateshop quality board in the correct size for the skater. A lightweight contoured deck, performance bearings, high quality wheels, lightweight trucks, soft bushings. The SkateXS Beginner Complete was created to meet these needs. We’ve found it just isn’t possible to build a quality skateboard under $100. Cheaper boards do exist and they have had to cut too many corners for the sake of cost. 

Signs of a lower quality board include completely flat decks made of poor quality wood. Sealed as opposed to shielded bearings. Hard wheels made of lower quality polyurethane. Trucks that just don’t turn well for a lighter weight skater. 

In comparison, the SkateXS beginner complete is the same quality as a board an advanced teenager might build at a Skateshop. We start with with a lightweight contoured bamboo deck. Not only eco friendly, we’ve found they are lighter, stronger and provide more consistent pop than a maple alternative. We use our own performance neoprene shielded bearings. Our beginner wheels are a special hybrid formula that roll softer than a traditional wheel, this reduces vibration and allows the board to ride more easily in the widest variety of surfaces including driveways and parking lots while maintaining the hardness that allows for enough speed at the skatepark. Our trucks are sized just right for the board, they are lightweight with a hollow kingpin and feature softer bushings to allow lighter weight skaters to actually turn and maneuver their skateboard. 

Skateboard Style for Kids

Whether you think of skateboarding as a sport, a hobby, an art form or perhaps even a lifestyle, it is important for the skater to have an affinity to the style of their skateboard. At SkateXS we’ve developed a unique collection of different skateboard graphics to appeal to the different tastes of our skaters. Our selection of grip tape color and wheel color further allow you to customize the feel of that board. We even have the option to put your skater’s name on the top of the board. We’ve found the more a skater resonates with their skateboard, the more often they will grab it and be ready to go out and practice their skating.  

Skateboarding Safety Gear for Kids

Obviously kids should always wear a helmet. In most cases, an existing certified bike or scooter helmet should do the trick. We have seen some bike helmets that perhaps prioritized style or aerodynamics over protection. Just take a look and make sure you can see how the front, back and sides of the helmet would protect your child in case of a fall. If you decide they need a new helmet, SkateXS carry’s and recommends the Triple 8 brand of Dual Certified Helmets which are explicitly made for Skateboarding, Bicycling and other roller sports. The new Certified Sweatsaver Helmet from Triple 8 is our current favorite as it is the best combination of safety and comfort we’ve seen to date and features washable Sweatsaver liners.

We also recommend pads for the knees, elbows and wrists. Wristguards in particular are often overlooked and they shouldn’t be. Wristguards probably prevent more serious injury than any other component. Eventually skaters can learn to fall without reaching out with their hands. Until then we definitely encourage a full pad set. We carry and recommend the Triple 8 Saver Series 3 pack as that is a single package that contains the Knee, Elbow and Wrist protection all in one package. 


If you’ve decided to support your children’s interest in skateboarding, consider providing them a high quality correctly sized skateboard in a design and style that will resonate with your child. This gives them the best chance of success. Consider a board with slightly softer wheels like the 90a durometer used on the SkateXS beginner so they can ride smoothly in the neighborhood while also having skatepark performance. The beginner skateboard from SkateXS can even be upgraded over time with components like Spitfire wheels, Thunder trucks, Bones Bearings and Bushings. Proper protective gear and supervision can significantly mitigate most safety concerns.

Consider reaching out directly to SkateXS via email ( or phone (760) 814-1713 with any questions!  

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