Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

Product Questions

What is the difference between the SkateXS Beginner, Advanced and Pro Skateboards?

All SkateXS Skateboards are designed to offer young skaters the opportunity to develop and learn to their highest potential with the properly sized, lightweight, high performance SkateXS bamboo based skateboard decks.  


The difference in each series comes from the choice of component parts used to complete the board.  


Our Beginner Series is by far our most popular. We use slightly softer wheels (90a durometer) on the beginner which makes for smoother riding on the widest variety of neighborhood surfaces while remaining fully capable at the skatepark. As the beginner uses all SkateXS brand components, including our hollow kingpin responsive trucks, soft bushings and performance bearings, we are able to offer the board at an incredibly good value. 


The Advanced and Pro are designed for the skater who anticipates doing most of their skating on the smooth concrete or wooden surfaces at the skatepark. We use traditional harder durometer wheels on these boards (99a-101a). On a smooth surface, these hardr wheels will roll a bit faster than the softer 90a wheels on the Beginner series. While these boards also leverage the same high performance SkateXS decks, the remaining components are from selected from brands like Thunder, Bones and Spitfire. 


The Advanced Series Skateboards features Thunder Trucks, Bones 100s Wheels and Mini-Logo Bearings. 


The Pro Series utilizes the same Thunder Trucks, but includes upgraded Bones Bushings for an easier to maneuver board. We then use Spitfire Wheels and Bones Reds Bearings for a top notch, competition ready skateboard. 


Can't decide? Feel free to give us a call and we'll talk through your skater's specific situation - (760) 814-1713





Can I upgrade a Skateboard?

Skateboarders absolutely enjoy swapping out and/or upgrading parts over time.


All SkateXS skateboards can have their parts swapped or upgraded, typically with any leading brand of wheels, bearings or bushings you might find at your local skate shop. 


We also offer the option to immediately upgrade the bushings in our Beginner and Advanced with Bones Bushings (already installed on the Pro).


All boards also have the option to ship with Ricta Cloud Wheels as replacements or spares for skater's dealing with especially rough surfaces.


Should I choose a skateboard size based on age or weight?

Weight should be the primary driver to determine the board size rather than age.

Our graphical size chart shows the age segments along with an average weight ranger for that age group.




If your child's weight falls outside their age range, just follow the size recommendations for their weight.

Please note, even our smallest board can easily support the weight of adult size skater. Sizing recommendations are for the benefit of the skater finding a board that is an appropriate size to provide stability while remaining easily maneuverable.


If your skater is about to cross into the next size, by all means moving up a size is a reasonable option.