Kids Skateboard Protective Gear gets Radical!

Wow! For years the standard for affordable skate protection, especially for younger kid skateboarders, has been the Triple 8 Saver Series 3 Pack. It is an easy to work with package that combines Knee Pads, Elbow Pads and Wrist Guards into a single package that actually fit kids really well! 

And they came in black... and only black... Until now...

New designs like Tie-Dye, Shaved Ice, and Charcoal Camo bring personality and style to the umatched combination of affordability and safety that the Saver Series has always represented. 

At SkateXS we were especially happy to see the new designs applied to the full range of sizes from Triple 8 including the JR size we typically recommend for kids age 5-8 and the Adult Small we see for kids age 9-12. 

Check out the full line available now, and for the purists, no worries, of course straight black is still available! Click below to see our full selection of Triple 8 Saver Series 3 Packs!

kids colorful designs skateboard pads elbow knee and wrist



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