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Freshpark Skateboard Quarter Pipe

Freshpark Skateboard Quarter Pipe

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The Freshpark 4ft Quarterpipe was the very first ramp the SkateXS family purchased many years ago! Not only was it a staple of our own driveway, but we've regularly taken the ramp to many public ramp jams were it was enjoyed and skated by litterally hundreds of skaters. Our ramp is still going strong and gets skated almost every day! 

The ramp is super versatile and supports skaters at all levels. Beginners can learn the very basics of skating up forward and coming back fakie or working frontside and backside kickturns. This progresses to learning to drop in from the top, mastering axle stalls and fakie disasters on the coping. It just goes on from there with endless lip tricks even airs and inverts if your skater is up for it! With enough runup it can even work as a really big launch ramp!

The ramp can be folded into a compact shape and moved on its wheels for portability and storage. 

Size: 10' Radius, 47" W, 33" H
Weight: 157 lbs
Maximum Weight: 500 lbs
Folds up to a 20x20x47 triangle

Packaged in two boxes for easy handling - some assembly required!

  • Foldable & Portable
  • Durable & Weatherproof
  • Modular/Interlocking
  • Multiple Configurations