The Unicorn Skateboard has been spotted ...

At long last, the SkateXS Unicorn has arrived, just in time for the 2015 Holiday Season! Unique, strong and confident yet full of grace and flare. This dazzling design will brighten any skater's day!


We choose to release a design featuring a strong feminine character to reflect the significant number of younger girls who are getting turned on to Skateboarding. It is awesome to see and SkateXS is so excited to round out our selection of high quality kids skateboards to more readily meet the needs of our complete audience. SkateXS is a proud sponsor of Exposure 2015 - Dedicated to the Empowerment of Women through Skateboarding. 

With this new design, SkateXS is including a brand new protective coating to specifically increase the durability of the Unicorn graphic. We knew that especially with this design, young skaters might be sensitive to traditional wear and tear on the deck so we went the extra mile to provide the best possible resilience available.

We do bristle at the idea of the Unicorn having to be labeled a "girl's" skateboard. Fellas, if you dig it, go for it, it is a sublime design and the high-quality skateboard performs identically to all our top notch skateboards!

In fact, according to SkateboardersHQ it’s the number 1 kids skateboard

As well we hope and fully expect that many girls will continue to enjoy our existing skateboard designs - the playful Purple Panda, our classy Starboard and the delightful Flowers

With the Unicorn, we are also super excited to finally introduce Purple Grip Tape as an option alongside our existing grip tape color choices. 

The Unicorn is available for order at starting today! The board can be selected in the Beginner, Advanced or Pro packages and in 3 different sizes for kids age 5-12 just like the other existing SkateXS designs. Personalization is of course always available as well.   



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