Best Beginner Skateboard for Kids age 5 years old

The SkateXS Beginner Complete Skateboard was designed specifically to support younger children including five year olds just learning to skate.

  • Correct Size

    • Smaller Boards are fundamentally safer and more appropriate for Smaller Skaters!
  • Bamboo Construction

    • Lightweight, High Performance and Environmentally Friendly!
  • Quality Components

    • SkateXS Skateboards leverage the most trusted components in the industry!


We are recognized as providing the best skateboard for 5 year old boys and girls from their very first push to national competitions.

Expert Reviewer - Steve Cave - Skateboarding Guide:

...SkateXS is the first company I've seen to make high quality skateboards for kids; skateboards built to the same standards as regular adult skateboards. 

...Some parents may be wondering if they should just get their kid a regular sized skateboard for their first or second skateboard. You can, but it WILL be large for them. If your kid is serious about skateboarding, and if you can afford the investment, I would highly recommend getting a SkateXS complete skateboard. You won't be disappointed!

Sample Parent Reviewers 

Lisa R.  - Certified Purchaser Review

SkateXS is AWESOME. My son is so proud of his board (he chose blue and multicolored wheels which looks extremely cool) - and is basking in the compliments he gets. I love that the board is just the right size for him to handle as he perfects his basic skills. The customer service that I received was truly exemplary. The team went out of their way to make sure that I received my order in time for skateboard camp. Thank you SkateXS!

Bernice R. - Certified Purchaser Review

My son has been begging me for a skateboard for MONTHS. After doing extensive research I came across an article recommending SkateXS boards as the number one choice for young beginning skateboarders. When I was doing my research I wanted a quality board that my son would be able to really learn the sport on. Quality was extremely important to me in my decision for a board. I was not going to get him one of those cheap boards at a toy store that he could hurt himself on. I am so happy I found SkateXS, his eyes lit up when he opened his present and saw that neon green skateboard. He put on his triple brain saver helmet and pads (which I also purchased from this site) and took off outside. I know this board will last and he will be riding in no time! Thank you again SkateXS. Your boards are phenomenal and your costumer service was fantastic! You made my son very happy today!