Collection: Best Skateboards for Girls ages 5-12

SkateXS makes the best kids skateboards available and has been thrilled to support the growing number of young girl skaters embracing skateboarding. 

Young Girl Doing Skateboard Trick on SkateXS Kids Skateboard

All of our skateboards are designed by putting kids first and foremost in every aspect of the skateboard.

  • Smaller Sizing
    • All SkateXS skateboards are available in 3 different sizes for kids ages 5-12. 
    • Proportionally smaller boards give kids the ability to actually maneuver their skateboards correctly rather than just riding on a bigger board. 
    • Proper sizing makes skateboarding safer and easier for all levels of skaters including beginners.
  • Special Components
    • We use both bamboo and maple fibers to build a lighter, stronger and more sustainably sourced board. Better for both the skater and the planet.
    • Our trucks use soft bushings for easier turning and feature hollow kingpins for lighter weight.
    • SkateXS beginner series wheels are made with a hardness rating of 90a. This is a hybrid hardness that allows the skater to enjoy a wide variety of skating surfaces. Hard enough for the skatepark, but soft enough for the neighborhood. 
  • Great Designs and Colors
    • It is important for kids to really like the looks of their skateboard. This helps them get excited to skate!
    • SkateXS skateboard designs are truly works of art.
    • The majority of our girls skaters tend to resonate best with either the SkateXS Unicorn or the SkateXS Flowers designs featured below. 
    • Skaters can also choose the Grip Tape Color (the top of the skateboard) and their Wheel Color. 
    • Girls can also choose to have their name personalized on the top of their board!