Overnight Skateboard Summer Camps!


Here is our quick rundown of some of the top overnight skateboard camps in the US.  

If your young skateboarder is ready to take it to the next level, maybe an overnight skateboard sumer camp is just the thing! 

While each of these camps is quite unique, there does tend to be some consistency:
  • Usually select a 1 or 2 week offering - sometimes mini-weeks offered
  • Minimum age is typically around 7 - check for a day camp option if you have a younger camper 
  • Most camps offer a variety of programs besides skateboarding such as BMX, Scootering, Snow Sports, Gymnastics, and even Digital Media 
  • Supervision is oriented primarily to safety, taking advantage of activities can really be up to the camper (or a good counselor)    

Camp Woodward - Woodward, PA 

Not too many folks can lay claim to their own reality TV show, but the folks at Woodward certainly deserve it. Set amidst the the rural Amish Country of Pennsylvania, this massive collection of indoor and outdoor skateparks, a Mega Ramp, huge skateable concrete snake run, a top notch ropes course, go-carts and even a wakeboard pond all ensure that Woodward PA is recognized as the grandaddy of all Action Sports camps. Visiting pros, air conditioned cabins and actually pretty good food make this the top pick for hundreds of kids each summer. 
Word on the Street: So massive, there is always something for everyone. Parents seem to anticipate a higher emphasis on instruction and time management. Reality is a bit closer general supervision provided. 

Woodward West - Tehachapi, CA

A continuation of the Woodward vision, SoCal style. Not quite the scale of its big brother in PA, but we hear this leads to a bit more of an intimate/family atmosphere. The ability to draw on pros from the area leads to a steady stream of the absolute top names in the business each summer. If you can get to LAX, they will help make the next leg.
Word on the Street: Awesome collection of skate terrain on the West Coast with a family friendly feel. 

Element YMCA Skate Camp - Miramonte, CA

California's longest running Skate Camp, this YMCA facility with support from the Element skate brand offers top notch skating in an outdoor setting including a ton of lakefront activities. Some of the best visiting pros in the business. 
Word on the Street: A real wilderness “camp” setting entering the Sequoia National Forest.   

Ohio Dreams - Butler, OH

With roots in BMX, Ohio Dreams has a good reputation for implementing a well run summer camp program. Double check dates to ensure the skateboard camp is running for the week you sign up. 
Word on the Street: Seems to have a reputation for a bit more of a regimented structure to the program. 

Windells - Welches, OR

A skate oasis on Mt. Hood, the Windells program offers overnight as well as day camp options. Skate campers not only enjoy Windell’s own top notch facilities but will also get out and enjoy some of the top parks in the Portland area on daily field trips. 
Word on the Street: Doesn’t have the name recognition of Woodward or Element, but everyone we’ve talked to is raving about this camp. 

Woodward Tahoe - Truckee, CA

The latest Woodward installment as a year round facility that provides a combo of snow, skate and bike programs. An amazing setting with expansive facilities including a poured indoor concrete skatepark!
Word on the Street: As the latest Woodward investment, sounds like they are doing it right from the start.  

Woodward Copper Mountain, CO

Nestled in the mountains of Colorado, the Copper Mountain setting includes snow, skateboard and bike programming. The snow program goes through July and leverages the massive amount of snow that somehow stays put at the terrain park on the mountain. Onsite the camp offers a decent amount of skate terrain primarily housed in the indoor “barn” which is an impressively massive indoor facility sporting a huge variety of skate features (street, bowl, minis, pump track, mega style foam pits) as well as a great trampoline/gymnastics setup. Field trips take skaters to some area skateparks including the gem of the rockies, the Leadville, CO park! 
Word on the Street: We just got back (summer 2014) and had a blast. Awesome camp atmosphere! If your skater also snowboards or skis we’d consider signing up for that programming (which offers more formalized instruction) and then bringing a skateboard to enjoy whenever they are not on snow. 
Did we skip one of your favorites or do you have experiences to share on the spots above? Let us know in the comments below! 
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