Wow, the most important skateboard helmet ever?

What's so darn special about this bright blue brand new Brainsaver from Triple 8? Yeah, it is cool as all get out, amazing color, huge eagle decal, even lightning bolts, all on the bestselling and proven Dual Certified Brainsaver for Bike and Skate. The story behind it may make it the most important helmet ever!  

Get used to it Helmet Triple 8

The helmet represents the beginning of a collaboration between Triple 8 and the legendary Mike Vallely. Mike V. has been one of the leading forces of skateboarding for decades. He's a rockstar, stuntman, hockey player all around super cool and super tough, and guess what? Mike has made a commitment to wear a helmet every time he skates. 

“A lot of people have asked, Mike why do you wear a helmet now? ‘You know, to protect my head.’ But you never wore a helmet before… ‘I do now. Get used to it.

It is a huge move by one of the most respected and revered skateboarders out there. Obviously as parents we love to see role models like Mike leading by example and taking a stance on safety!

It makes our jobs as parents just that much easier, thanks Mike!

The Mike V. Get Used to It Brainsaver Helmet is now available for $49.99 directly from SkateXS! 

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