SkateXS Launches Learn How to Skateboard Video Series for Kids!

The SkateXS crew is super psyched to announce the release of our Intro to Skateboarding Video Series developed just for Kids and their Parents! 

The series is designed specifically to help Parents that don't have a background in skateboarding to more easily, safely and correctly introduce their kids to the fundamentals of skateboarding. 

Thanks so much to the team at Vivo Creative for the top notch filming and editing and our friends at Academy Skatepark for the world class skatepark facility! 

Most skaters will be able to jump right in with the key anchor video Learn How to Skateboard for Kids which covers the very basics of standing, pushing and riding on the skateboard.



Maneuvering the board comes next with our How to Turn your Skateboard for Kids covering basic carving and kick turns. 


Before kids get going to quickly or skating obstacles we wanted to talk about How to Stop and Fall on a Skateboard for Kids.


And finally, before taking the kids to the local skatepark, we recommend reviewing our Skatepark Etiquette for Kids.


Our whole series can also be kicked off with our Skateboarding Setup for Kids.


And if your kids aren't sure yet which foot goes in front or in back the Skateboarding Stance for Kids will help! 

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