Meet Annie!

We recently interviewed Annie, a skater from Massachusetts about her skateboarding journey so far.

What are your favorite things about skateboarding so far?

It's fun and it just feels good!

What skills or tricks are you most excited to learn?

I want to learn a tre flip and an ollie.

What lessons would you share with another kid who might be worried about trying skateboarding?

It's really scary the first time but once you get the hang of having your knees being bent and just rolling, it's very fun.

Do you have favorite activities besides skateboarding?

I like doing piano, basketball and taekwondo.

Do you have any healthy habits that help you stay in shape to skate?

Staying active and going outside when I can.

Anything else you want to share?

I wish there was an indoor skate park where I live because it's hard to skate in the winter.

Nice to meet you Annie! Good luck with your ollie and tre flip journey!

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