Top 5 tips for great Skatepark Roadtrips!

So your kids are starting to show some promise at your local skate spot! 
They have a few different lines down, figured out the basics of skatepark etiquette and may have made some new friends. It may be the perfect time for a roadtrip! 

Nothing is cooler than tracking down some nearby skateparks and taking a morning or afternoon to take the kids out to experience some new terrain. It really doesn't have to be the best park in the state, any new terrain will be an enjoyable change of pace. 
  1. Make sure the skatepark will be open! The last thing you need is a Clark Griswold - Walley World moment pulling up to a hole in the ground or a gated and locked park!
  2. Pick a good time to go, ideally avoiding peak hours if you can. While skating with the locals is part of the experience, younger kids will almost always have an easier time on off hours (typically earlier in the day). 
  3. Pack plenty of cold drinks and snacks. Planning for a picnic is a great way to save some dough and take a break.
  4. Plan ahead for alternative activities - playgrounds, parks, museums etc. These can give your skaters a break, provide entertainment for non-skaters, and offer a plan B in case the weather turns.
  5. Don't leave skate gear behind, in either direction! Nothing is worse than getting to the park, only to find out a helmet or some pads were left at home. Hmm, actually leaving board behind at skatepark is worse. (Most skate families have done both, don't be next!).
Let us know your experiences and please share your suggestions!
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